Hermann’s Tool & Machine Works, Inc.

  • Manufactures spur gears, helical gears, worm gears and splines
  • Repairs gear boxes
  • Manufactures aircraft tools and fixtures
  • Manufactures and repairs dies and fixtures
  • Repairs centrifugal pumps
  • Repairs hydraulic pumps
  • Manufactures and repairs hydraulic cylinders
  • Straightens cylinder rods
  • Heliarc welding, wire welding, and electric eye torch – up to 5″ plate (up to 3″ plate in stock)


A Word about our Sponsor!

Traffic Management and Roadway Safety Solutions by City Rise Safety

Irrespective of your mode of commute including car, bike bus or anything else, City Rise Safety offers excellent traffic management solutions to ensure your safety and well-being. Our Traffic Management and Roadway Safety solutions are well-executed, sustainable, and ensure safety, hassle-free travel time along with offering the convenience of the excellent infrastructural solutions.

Our solutions

  1. On-street traffic equipment

At City Rise Safety, we offer a range of on-street traffic equipment to provide a comprehensive traffic management system and a robust traffic control plan. From efficient traffic controllers, certified traffic control officers to high-quality parking meters, we offer everything you need to keep traffic running smoothly. Some of our other offerings include-

  • Excellent road traffic solutions, traffic data collection, and other traffic management systems
  • Statewide traffic safety that results in improving the overall safety of road users along with enhancing the traffic flow, economic productivity, and enhances the transportation system efficiency as well
  • Excellent traffic control solutions and high-end technology to reduce manual intervention and dependencies for road traffic management thus enhancing the safety manifolds
  1. Innovative Solutions

As one of the best traffic management company, we provide innovative solutions, advanced design, superior technology, and best California traffic control to efficiently manage the increasing complexities of the urbanized traffic. Our innovative and adaptive traffic control system enables the traffic signals to adapt to the customized demands of the traffic in a particular place.

  1. Comprehensive transport research and advisory

At City Rise Safety, we offer also expert advice on urban transportation planning. Our services include-

  • Complete analysis and planning of the entire transportation network and of traffic management systems
  • Providing solutions for optimizing the existing infrastructure
  • Controlled measures for traffic safety and enhancing the system efficiency

Why choose us?

City Rise Safety is California’s most trusted traffic control service. We specialize in all forms of traffic safety including the traffic control, flagging, detours, permit services, construction drawing rendering, traffic plan creation, engineering services and all the rental needs for traffic management. As your traffic management and roadway safety partner-

  • We handle all your projects with premium professional services, rapid turnaround, competitive pricing, and unparalleled 24/7 support
  • Constantly strive to improve the overall quality of life by minimizing the risk of the traffic accidents, reducing congestion, and lowering the environmental impact
  • We bring proven expertise and success in implementing the best road safety and traffic solutions

Traffic Flagger- Instrumental in Traffic Control Management

A well-trained and certified flagger play a pivotal role in traffic control management by alerting the traffic, stopping the traffic intermittently or guiding the drivers and pedestrians as required by the progress of work in a dedicated work zone. It won’t be inappropriate to say that the flagger job is to maintain the flagging operation smoothly and providing adequate protection to other workers and the general public.

Job responsibilities of traffic flagger in flagger traffic control

Below are some of the responsibilities that are the part of the flagger’s job- 

  • Ensuring that the traffic speeds are maintained appropriately or substantially reduced in case of risk zones
  • Communicating the important information such as changing conditions, road routes etc to the motorists and pedestrians
  • Lane closure as and when needed, as an alternative to the smooth flow of traffic
  • Installing and removing traffic control devices as per the need

Precautions a traffic flagger must take

Some of the precautions that every traffic flagger must take include-

  • Should never leave their position during the working hours and always face oncoming traffic with precision
  • Ensure that the conversations with motorist and pedestrians are minimized to build a proper road safety net
  • Should be courteous yet authoritative while managing the traffic operations
  • Should be appropriately positioned to provide maximum advance warning to the drivers and ensure that all the road signs remain clearly visible at all times
  • Maintain continuous communication with other traffic flaggers on the work
  • Effectively manage and provide assistance during the emergency situations such as bad weather, storm, power failure etc

Other points to keep in mind

A traffic flagger’s job is instrumental in traffic control management and brings them into continuous contact with the drivers and motorists. It is essential, for this reason, that the traffic flaggers conduct themselves in a manner which maintains proper road safety net all the time.

Even under high-pressure conditions, a traffic flagger should remain courteous yet firm at all the times.

At City Rise Safety, we are committed to providing the best traffic flagging solutions to the clients.  As a leading Traffic Management Solution provider in California, we provide safe and professional traffic control services across California and nearby areas. We make sure that all our Traffic Flaggers are adequately trained and have the requisite flagger certification to provide effective safety solutions which meet or exceed the expected standards.